Automata Processor Web Simulator

Click on any of the designs to the left to see the Automata Processor in action.
Each design is a graph of connected AP elements.

  • Simulation nodes
    • 1. Starting Element

      Starting elements have a wing in the upper left.
    • 2. Reporting Element

      Reporting elements have a wing in the lower right.
    • 3. Active Report Example

      • a. On symbol number 7 (“#”) the symbol tape shows a single element in the graph is reporting.
      • b. The reporting element is active and matching, a matching pattern for this graph has been found.
  • Simulation player
    • 1.Simulator Player

      The simulator has simple:
      • a. Play/pause, step forward/back
      • b. Speed controls
    • 2.Click on Any Symbol

      Also you can click on any symbol in the sequence and the simulator will jump to that location.
    • 3. Reporting Element

      When one or more reporting elements are matching (or True), the symbol tape will display the number of reporting elements for that symbol.
  • Simulation options
    • 1.Options

      The options menu allows you to set a variety of viewing and download preferences.
    • 2.Options: Download

      You may download a copy of the design in a variety of graphical formats, or in either the ANML or AP Workbench formats.