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The Automata Processor PCIe board is the first platform to host Micron's Automata Processor technology. The design uses an Altera FPGA to bridge a communication interface between a host PC to several ranks of Automata Processors (D480) on two different channels.

This PCIe board provides a platform for technology demonstrations, research partner resources, and customer partnership models.

The board features an Altera FPGA with a total capacity of up to four ranks of D480 on a Gen3 PCIe x8 lane interface.

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  • Micron® D480 Automata Processors
    • 32 / 16 Automata Processor chips
    • 1536K STE per board / 768K STE per board
    • Up to 4 ranks of AP chips per board
    • Up to 8 AP chips per rank
  • Altera FPGA
    • 270,000 LEs / 101,620 ALMs
    • 17Mb embedded memory
  • DDR3 on-board memory
    • 4GB DDR3 SDRAM
  • Micron Automata Processor SDK
    • Centos 6
    • SUSE 11
    • Ubuntu 14
    • Windows 7 (Design tools only)
  • Both active and passive cooling solution
  • Temperature
    • Operating: 0°C to +45°C
  • Mechanical/Electrical
    • Full length, full height, double-width PCIe board
    • PCIe-compliant, x8 land PCB connector
    • 300 watt
  • RoHS compliant


Automata pcie annotated



Allows for creation of Automata and interaction with the hardware.

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How to create automata designs, how to program and use the board.

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